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This program is intended to deal with homeowner and condominium association issues arising in bankruptcy cases. The issues are divisive by their very nature and routinely generate strong emotions on each side. This year, the program will focus on selected issues which are of substantial interest to attorneys who represent either debtors or homeowner and condominium associations in bankruptcy cases, striving to present all viewpoints of any particular issue.

Issues to be discussed include:

1. An update on dischargeability and nondischargeability issues,

2. Purchases of a housing unit at a sheriff's sale on execution of a judgment against the homeowner by the homeowner and condominium association and remedies, if any, of the homeowner to recover the property through means of a fraudulent conveyance action,

3. Treatment of homeowner and condominium association claims in bankruptcy cases,

4. Objections to homeowner and condominium association claims filed in bankruptcy cases; and

5. Objections filed by homeowner and condominium associations to confirmation of the debtor's proposed Chapter 13 plan

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