A Litigator’s Guide to the Board of Public Works

A Litigator’s Guide to the Board of Public Works

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Although it is the highest administrative body in the state, with broad authority for its fiscal dealings, the Board of Public Works is likely unfamiliar to most Maryland litigators. Made up of the Governor, the Comptroller, and the Treasurer, the Board joins together three powerful elected officials and their staff to review and approve a vast swatch of appropriations and expenditures. Attorneys who seek to extract a big settlement from the State, contest a procurement, seek potential fee reimbursements, protest the debarment of a vendor, secure certain environmental licenses, or challenge the use of State assets need to first be aware of the Board’s role and procedures. Join our speakers Chris Mincher, Esq., former chief legal counsel to Governor Hogan and John Grimm, Esq., formerly of the Civil Division of the Maryland AG’s office, for  “A Litigator’s Guide to the Board of Public Works”. The presentation will detail what the Board is and where its jurisdiction often intersects with adversarial legal representation, such as State contracts, permits, and settlements of claims. Participants will understand the general mechanics of Board decisions — including the process by which the Board reviews proposed settlements involving the State — from agenda items to meetings.  The presentation will also explore how litigators can best make their case before the Board, and options and methods for contesting Board decisions that don’t go their way. Attendees who have dealings with the State will gain a valuable awareness of this unique body and how it can impact their clients and claims.  2.0 hours of CLE credit will be offered by the surrounding MCLE states.

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