Legal Summit Series: Business Valuation: The Basics for the Practicing Attorney

Legal Summit Series: Business Valuation: The Basics for the

Legal Summit Series On-Demand


The value of a closely-held business is often in issue in cases involving family law and marital property, lost profits, negligence damages, death taxes, partnership dissolution, shareholder disputes, buying and selling a business, insurance claims, and a host of matters where a closely-held business is involved. This session will provide the practicing attorney with a clear understanding of how a business is valued under generally accepted business valuation methods using the income, asset, and market approaches. Standards of value including fair market value, fair value, intrinsic value, and divorce value are explained with reference to court cases. This session will explain the different types of valuations and what is needed for court; what professional standards are required for a credible business appraisal; how to effectively cross-examine a business valuation expert; what will a business valuation cost; and how to maximize the benefit of a business valuation expert. After this session the attorney will have the tools to calculate the value of any business to assist the client in making the decision whether to invest in a full appraisal, a limited calculation, or no appraisal at all.

Presented by Alan Zipp, Esq., CPA

One hour credit will be offered for the surrounding MCLE states of Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

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